Blue revolution in india essay

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The White Revolution in India

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The Blue Revolution in India

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The White Revolution

Aquaculture refers to all forms of active culturing of aquatic animals and plants, occurring in marine, brackish, or fresh waters. In many cases, however, the. Operation Flood was a rural development programme initiated by India's National Dairy Development Board (NDDB). This revolution started in the year following the Indian Green Revolution and was aimed to create a nationwide milk grid.

Free sample essay on IT Revolution and Students. We are living in an age of Information Technology. Every spheres of our life is influenced by Information Technology. The Blue Revolution in India was started in during the Fifth Five-Year Plan when the Central Government sponsored the Fish Farmers Development Agency (FFDA).

6 The term "blue revolution" refers to the remarkable emergence of aquaculture as an /5(9). It has gone through a green revolution, a white revolution, a yellow revolution and a blue revolution.

Today, India is the largest producer of milk, fruits, cashew nuts, coconuts and tea in the world, the second largest producer of wheat, vegetables, sugar and fish and the third largest producer of tobacco and rice. The term "Blue Revolution" refers to India's focus on aquaculture and water reform.

Blue Revolution

Things like drinking water and fish farming are addressed in the policy changes that comprise the Blue Revolution. India's Blue Revolution is a continuation of the same kind of environmental and political reforms.

Blue revolution in india essay
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The Blue Revolution in India