Van gogh mental illness essay

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Reclusive Artist

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Blaise Pascal (1623–1662)

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Van Gogh’s Art in the Context of His Life

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Vincent Van Gogh Painting Analysis Essay Words | 6 Pages.

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Introduction Vincent Van Gogh was born in Holland in He was an impressionist painter who was known for his rough beauty, bold use of color and unique techniques.

Vincent van Gogh was a person with a difficult and dramatic life. He was a poor, unknown artist suffering from a mental disease. But his perseverance, use of art as a skill to cope with illness, dedication to art, and the support of his brother helped him to keep on painting.

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A mental illness is defined as a mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder that affects a person’s daily life. Blaise Pascal (–) Blaise Pascal was a French philosopher, mathematician, scientist, inventor, and theologian. In mathematics, he was an early pioneer in .

Van gogh mental illness essay
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